Chico Bodybuilding Contest 2013

Chico BB title

We have a close connection to the Chico Bodybuilding Contest here at EveryDay Fitness, and not just for it’s close proximity to Redding…

Owner of EveryDay Fitness, and WBFF Pro, Ed White was the 2012 MR. CHICO!!
Former EDFT Trainer, Nani Montgomery, took home the trophy for Women’s Figure Overall!
Many, many other members of the club also competed and did very well!!

This year, we are sending quite a few more members down to compete once again! We wish all of you luck and we will be rooting for ya!!

Click the link below for more information about registration and purchasing tickets to the big show!

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2006-01-30 15:45:44 by 8-weeks-of-diet

WW has no friggin idea what she is talking about

3- 4 lbs of fat per week is easy to lose.
My spring daily diet is:
300g protein
30g carb on non lift days 100 on lift days Never any sugar.
35g fat from flax/primrose/olive oil
tonds of vegetables and water.
Cardio daily weights 3x week.
Boxing/grappling 2x week.
The fat melts off on this pre-contest type diet. I lost 60 lbs in 15 weeks and came in shredded by May. I retained a decent amount of muscle.
Eating choices stay the same after the diet except carbs and fat go up.
I bet you have never done this type of thing.
Please get some experience before you post bullshit.
Do a bodybuilding show or something.

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